The Transformation

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The Welcome rebrand was officially launched in March 2021, shortly after the freemium program was introduced at the end of 2020. Before then, the platform was strictly by invitation only. There was no simple way to create a new instance (workspace) when a client purchased the service. We relied on human intervention heavily to implement and onboard new users. The PLG (product leg growth) initiative forced the product & design team to put our feet in the users’ shoes to truly create a user-centric product.

As the design lead, I led and collaborated with the PM’s, the designers, and the engineers closely for making the transformation possible.

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There are many iterations for the ‘home’ page. From task-centric of the organizations to a performance-driven dashboard, and eventually, a simple homepage that focuses on the user themselves first.

The widget-based dashboard was designed to provide users an at-a-glance view across the performance of their published content, the efficiency of their team across all tasks, and their organization’s overall progress against content marketing goal(s). 

As we broaden our use cases from solely content marketing, we redesigned the homepage to better serve our users as individuals instead of the organization as a whole. 

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The campaigns were re-introduced in 2018 with the vision of becoming a marketing OS in mind. We went for the gallery type of presentation as it’s more visually appealing for adoption.

With the growth of the platform, we then moved to the more scalable presentations, such as list view, the gantt view and the kanban view, to give users an easy way to view their plans and work.

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The task page is the core of the platform. It accounts for more than 70% of the platform usage. 

Stepping into the new space, the use cases are no longer just about the content publishing, but a mixed variety of the content creation & collaboration.

One of the changes we made was that we moved the workflow steps from the left to the right to preserve the main real estate for the content. To reduce cognitive load, we reorganize the page to tabs, so that users only need to focus on one thing at a time.

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The Marketing OS

Welcome has been named as the leader by Gartner for its annual Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms for the 4th year. For anyone who works in SaaS would know how difficult it is to maintain a leader in any space, not to mention for 4 years in a row.

With the new brand and the grand vision, numerous design challenges are right ahead – how to support the wide range of use cases (enterprise users vs. mid-market users), the very different user roles/personas, and their goals etc. The user journeys vary so greatly that every detail could introduce new frictions.  But, this is definitely the fun part of working as a product designer.

Keep listening, keep iterating, keep ideating.

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