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Digital Ad is a competitive space. It's common that an ad op has more than 18 credentials in order to trade ad serving for their clients. The vision for this platform is to integrate and consolidate the major buying platforms and provide the real-time reporting for their performance.

As one of the original design team members, I was responsible for mapping out the end-to-end experience, ideating and designing the solutions that set up the groundwork for this ambitious project.

Ad creation workflow

Ad creation can be very different for each buying platform. In addition to that, the configurations are often full of jargons and hard to understand.
– How can we unify & simplify the experience with the most common requirements?
– How do we ensure users can locate the platform-specific custom settings if they need to?

Updated workflow

Creative Library

Ad asset management is a known friction due to the wide variety of platform requirements.
– What are the most important information to reveal as a summary?
– How do we organize them so that users can easily find their assets?

Ad campaign hub

Ad Ops need to be able to quickly identify what’s on flight, what’s completed, and what’s coming. It’s critical for them to to know which campaigns are under performing or over performing so that they can update them to achieve the goals.

Real-time reporting

As mentioned above, Ad Ops need to identify problematic ad campaigns quickly as ad buying is racing with time and budget. The real-time reporting gives them a bird-eye summary of their budgeting/spend, performance over time, and a way to drill in for each ad creation. This allow them to make informed decision on how to optimize their campaigns to better serve/target their ad delivery.

Targeting - Rule Builder

See how the platform looks like today from the following video.