Better Visualization: Marketing teams are launching various activities (Requests, Campaigns, Tasks, Events), and as they grow and do more inside the platform, visualization is becoming even more critical. Not only it is important for users involved in these activities to see what work is in progress, late or upcoming, but also for all stakeholders of the company who need to understand what marketing campaigns are running.

The goal of this project is not only an overhaul for the UI, but also to provide the necessary UX enhancements that enable users to view their plans.  

Editorial Calendar

Existing calendar was built years back. As new developments are built in React, this is still done in Angular, which is hard to maintain and scale. Not only the calendar is dated and clunky to use, it doesn’t provide the information that markers need.

Markers are looking for a calendar that is visually telling:

  • Are these for a webinar, a blog post, or a landing page?
  • When is the live date?
  • Is everything on track? What’s falling behind?
  • Are we providing enough coverage for certain campaigns?

These are not easily grasped by the existing calendar.

Timeline Calendar

Markers need a way to easily slice and dice their plans so that they can answer their questions above.

They need to be able to group their plans by specific metadata, such as campaigns, and a flexible way to color them. They also want to be able to quickly zoom in/zoom out the timeframe to get different granularity. 

In addition to the new functionalities, we also would like to improve the existing interactions that are somewhat confusing as they were workarounds.

Interactive prototype here.