Look back: 14 years of the greeting card design

Back in 2004, due to my first job failing to pay employees salaries for months, I had to start working with my own clients.

To thank those who helped me go through the toughest financial moments, I started sending them the new year greeting cards with my own designs. The complexity of the design increases every year.

雞 2005 Year of the Rooster- my first set of the new years cards.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the design or a hard copy of the cards anymore.

狗 2006 Year of the Dog
My 2nd year of greeting card design. Can’t locate the original design, either.

豬 2007 Year of the Pig
First time using the Chinese Zodiac as the theme. The postcards are printed on translucent PVC cards. 

鼠 2008 Year of the Mouse
Not a big fan of the mice/rats, so I chose to handwrite calligraphy with mice related greeting words on the card that has a more generic design.



兔 2011 Year of the Rabbit – 兔年蹦蹦跳

First time tried the art & craft theme.

馬 2014 Year of the Horse – Typography
One of my favorites.

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